What is the Talent Hub Database

The Talent Hub Database is an integral part of Talent Hub Agder, a career support programme. If you're actively seeking employment in Agder, consider registering as a talent in our database. Member organisations gain exclusive access to your profile, allowing them to discover and connect with talents that match their needs. Take the first step towards your career goals by becoming part of the Talent Hub Agder community.

Talent Hub Agder has two main goals:

Firstly, to help newcomers in Agder find a job in an already competitive market by connecting them to a selected pool of resources provided by private and public organisations. Weekly seminars and monthly meetings provide job seekers with valuable information about the Norwegian job market, work place culture and employers’ expectations.

Secondly, to help businesses and organisations find highly trained and qualified workers through our Talent Hub Database.

Talent Hub Database contains vital information on the skillsets and qualifications of international talent that already reside in Agder.

It’s an indispensable tool for international talent or an accompanying spouse looking to showcase their skills and qualifications to get a foot in the Norwegian job market.

Businesses and organisations looking for highly competent workers will find this database to be a valuable resource.

Talent Hub Agder is proudly organised and run by Welcome Hub Agder.